[email protected]:
Hello Carlos, Great photos, I like the wandering bodies. Great location, beautyfull model and perfect photos. Thanks for sharing. Jan Ladage

[email protected]:
Carlos, the photos are absolutely beautiful. I especially like the ones with architectural themes. They accentuate the essentials of architecture: form and light. I hope you continure renewing the gallery so that we can enjoy more of your work.

[email protected]:
I enjoyed your images from the book...it brought back past memories when I was into street photography...THANK YOU for sharing your site with me Carlos...I appreciate it...ALOHA!!

[email protected]:
hi Carlos, your site is simple and nice. your portraits has a lot of power and your wandering bodies has a god ton harmony. Best regards http://www.afterzed.com/tsantakismanol/index.html http://www.art.gr/photo/tsantakis/

[email protected]:
Hi Carlos, your work I already knew, so it's not really a surprise how gorgeous it looks on your website. What IS a surprise is how easy it is to move around in the website, and how simple it is to go from one picture to the next, always with very little waiting time before each picture downloads in full. Isto em bom português. Nuno.

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos Your nude shootings are excelent, (for me in monastery area it's taboo) Your photos they are really professional Congratulations Iakovos hhtp://www3.cybex.gr/iakovos

[email protected]:
Wandering body....the color is good...composition is good but what I find distracting or more confused about is the merger of b/w white photos... Larry Abellera

[email protected]:
Great job of capturing the colors of the moment with each photograph. All your images are warm and personable. Would you be interested in displaying some of your work on my site www.bernardstudios.com?

[email protected]:
I like your site very much. Especially the Graphics pictures. The design of the entire thing is very good. Not too much information. Just enough though. If you haven't visited my site, please do. I would also like to know what you think. http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Museum/6995 Joseph E. Flis

[email protected]:
Very beautiful images. I love the compositions of the Wandering Body series and also the minimal compositional use of color and shape in your Graphics photos. Very effective. Ian www.photoworkshop.com

[email protected]:
Would love to share a link. You inspire me o find an old fort in our area to shoot at.

[email protected]:
You are a professionist, and each image is perfectly calibrated,excellent colors and excellent cut. No other comments, you are so cleand in every image that it is difficult to find different comments. I like very much your portraits, they are beautifull. Let me say that also the web presentation is "somethink special" for design. Gabriela Rigon http://www.isa.it/rigon

[email protected]:
On the artistic level the photos are accurate, but on the sensibility grounds they are SUPERB. The woman crying at the church door is SO touching. And the magnificent young woman body crossing the textures of the ancient tree of Portugal is a MUST. Lillian - U.K.

[email protected]:
I am very impressed by your work especially the "wondering body" exhibit and grafismo. Henry Levenson

[email protected]:
Hi Carlos, very pleasant to meet a photographer in Portugal, with a eye for forms colors and graphics. Gruss Walter www.photopage.de

[email protected]:
Aconteceu cair aqui! E fiquei absorvido com a força das imagens, o grafismo e a qualidade. Como motor do bom exemplo da Cultura em Portugal como o Carlos é, apenas posso prestar aqui a minha homenagem e agradecimento pelo trabalho. Miguel!

[email protected]:
Ola Carlos Great site of visual beauty. Hopefully next time you visit Africa we will meet. Your beautiful photography becomes a mirror to your soul Shalom e saudades Rufina www.saudades.org [email protected] Celebrating our Portuguese-Jewish heritage

[email protected]:
Ola Carlos Félicitations, congratulations ... This is an interesting site with beautiful pics... Hope u'll update it with more and more pictures ... U can also visit mine , it has nothing to do with your but .... http://www.ifrance.com/amrumshome/index.html ate proximà ;-) et viva o Portugal !

[email protected]:
Unhas fotos excelentes Carlos, disfrutéi ollándoas, especialmente as que son en branco e negro. Felicitacións Carlos, é graciñas pol-os téus comentarios sobre a minha páxina.Jose

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos, thank you for the very high quality pictures. I wonder if your publications are available here in Japan. Anyway, could you explain some more about yourself on this site for the rest of the world? I've been to Lisboa. It is such a nice place and I hope I'll have a chance to go back there sometime. (http://www.media-art-online.org/)

[email protected]:
Beautiful, atmospheric nudes in your "wondering body" series. Your portraits are also very nice, very sensitive. Excellent!

[email protected]:
A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Carlos, you got here a veritable encyclopedia! Thanx for sharing your photos. Come visit: http://users.bigpond.net.au/the_Den It's cheaper than travelling all the way Down Under.

[email protected]:
Salut, Félicitations !!! Quel joli design ! Une chose, quand vous photographiez des batiments, essayez de mettre le nom et l'endroit de ceilui-ci en dessous... Pas de doutes, vous êtes un artiste !! Je vais de ce pas faire un lien vers votre site depuis le miens !! A bientot Thomas

[email protected]:
Votre site est bien conçu et vos photos bien mises en valeur. J'ai aimé les portraits des gens souriants... Beau travail, Good job !

[email protected]:
Be assured that your site found a home in my file of favorites. Adeus desta Luso-Americana nos E.U.

[email protected]:
WOW Carlos... your work is GREAT.. you should do photography for a career, not just a hobby! I was not disappointed by a single photograph. However my favorites were by far the following: Graphics: 1,2,3,7,8 Wandering Body: 2,6,8,10,11 Hollyn

[email protected]:
First of all, what I wanna know is that from the wandering body gallery, is the primary object the woman or the scene? Because if it is the women then try to focus on the woman in larger portion of the picture, but if it is the scene, why don't you try to place the woman on the side where the objection is just to put some touch to the picture. I like your graphics and portraits galleries where I know for sure the primary object is. In graphics gallery,where you combined buildings with the skies are marvelous, they are really looked natural. Riko

[email protected]:
I like your work a lot, your vision of people ... You may make more nude, it's the place where you aren't perfect But your eyes are excellent. I would love travelling like you

[email protected]:
Hi Carlos, The portrait of Lady Eve is a knockout. The settings in "Wandering Body" are stunning. john de Lombardo. www.artflex.com

[email protected]:
Carlos: ante todo gracias por visitar mi página y dejar tu mensaje (muy alagador). Tus fotos me han gustado mucho, son muy humanas. Me pareció muy interesante y el mensaje que subyace en el contraste de la serie Wandering Body: un cuerpo joven, desnudo, libre, contra la pacatería, la rigurosidad y lo reaccionario que representa el monasterio. Felicitaciones Jorge Pousa www.geocities.com/jpousa

[email protected]:
Carlos :Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.Its the sense of mystery and expectation that I'm most captivated by in your nude series. It is so hard to make photographs that invite imagination and wonder and yet you've made it seem so simple. Angelo.

[email protected]:
Absolutely Divine! A real treat for the senses! I loved it! Brought back memories... saudades... Joana Santos Canada

[email protected]:
Tus fotos son grandiosas, la distribucion del espacio deja una sensacion muy agradable. Me gustaron mucho las de retrato tienen mucha vida, transmiten muchas sensaciones. Muchas gracias por haber visitado mi pagina. Eyelen Giacobbe http://www.zing.com/album/?id=4294575421

[email protected]:
Lo que mas me gusta de tus fotos, es el espacio,,,,,,,, todos los objetos estan separados por enormes espacios, (no se como lo logras)pues a simple vista parece que estan cerca, pero al momento se siente una distancia enorme.Ana

[email protected]:
As a member of the Naturists in America, I can appreciate nude art and I found your Monestary photos wonderful. I loved them and hope you continue on that vein. The color and model and backgrounds all blend to form a single image and very, very good! Danielle Kane

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos, Amazing photographs,,, You have a ZEN in you mind,,, You welcome in Australia to share the spirit with me,,, All the best to you,, Jean Dominique Martin

[email protected]:
The photographers certainly had a style of their own. The talent is raw and pleasurable. His eye for composition is good and his ability to capture emotion and color very powerful. His nudes in the Monastery were strong, but, I personally would go for a more powerful composition. The woman in most was a "hidden" almost "peeking out" subject that I find to be more distractive than powerful. I think he captured what he was looking for so I have no criticism of his approach, I just would have made the nude woman a strong focus like he did in the black and white where she is the central focus with her body tall and stretched into the arch. These comments are based more on personal taste rather than a criticism...so please take that into consideration. Certainly a talent in the making. Ron Models Studio

[email protected]:
Greetings from Philadelphia, USA. Thank you Carlos for the compliments on my work. I am flattered because I think YOUR work is very beautiful. I particularly liked your candid portraits and your Wandering Body series. The world is certainly linked by creative photographers such as yourself. Charles Hess www.garageglamour.com/photogs/charlesh/index.shtml

[email protected]:
I have just looked at your website and if you consider yourself to be a hobbyist I have a long way to go as you have some beautiful images. I couldnt tell you which one I liked best: I liked them all. Thanks for showing it to me. I also have images on another site www.hothpix.com and www.themetro.com/hothpix .I hope that you enjoy them. Larry Hoth

[email protected]:
I love the 4 black and whites in your "Wandering Body" gallery. The female figure provides a perfect compliment and contrast amidst the ruins of St. Cucufate Monastery. These images have a stark, melancholy and sensual edge to them. Keep Creating and sharing, Jaeda

[email protected]:
Beautiful intense portraits, ill tell all my friends about your site!Thank you for sharing these wonderful glimpses of life with us. Corrie

[email protected]:
hi carlos thanx for your nice mail. had a look at your wonderful page, well, nothing more to say, it´s fantastic photoworks. keep your direction...!!! will surely soon make a link to your page on mine !!! ( http://foto.ecke.cc ) greetings, christian

[email protected]:
Magnificent Picture! They made me feel as if I was there you have capture the wonderful world of art ! Which are the three "Nouns" People > Place> and> Things Tally

[email protected]:
hola! el grafismo--fenomenal! I'm really into your mediterrean-like (..though I'm aware of the fact that Portugal is bordering the atlantic ocean..) photography. howevert there's this question in my head: did you work on your pictures using photoshop or any equivalent software? greetings and props from the grain photo group in zurich! nino

[email protected]:
Carlos your work is very interesting. I wish I had an old church or something like that to do nudes. Your mixture of Black and White and color are very interesting. You have a lot of depth in your images. When you have more let me know. I have a new portfolio at www.rps.org it is a ghost town in the northern Serria's in California. Let me know what you think. Cheers Jack Pitonak

[email protected]:
The site loaded a bit slow for me. The nudes, I believe, should concentrante more on the model and less on the surroundings. Some of them were almost lost in the surroundings that she was in. I liked everything else though. Keep up the good work!

[email protected]:
Very nice website and photography, outstanding potraits and graphics!Please feel free to visit my photo gallery at http://hometown.aol.com/pwscanlon/index.html, particularly if you enjoy abstract work.

[email protected]:
Carlos, Fantastic work on the Wandering Body series. I especially like the B&W Monastery portions. Beautifully done! Keep up the great work! Gary Drumm

[email protected]:
Wonderful use of the figure as a part of the architecture or the whithering splinter of nature...all is natural and works as a total concept in mans reality

[email protected]:
Hello, It's an excelent work of a great artist! I specially like the "Ruins of St. Cucufate Monastery No.5". Thank you for sharing.

[email protected]:
Great photos. I especially loved the photo of the gentleman with the hat smoking a cigarette. We call a face like the gentleman's "ii kao" -- a "great" face. Hope you will take photographs of more "ii kao." Natsuki Kimura, Japan

[email protected]:
magical images realized with greatest cure, optimal job. It compliments!!!!! Alessandro Maestra www.fotogalleria.freeweb.org

[email protected]:
The pictures were simply exhilarating. Cheers. Bernardo Pereira(Singapore)

[email protected]:
you work needs international attention--janmeja

[email protected]:
Yours is one of the few worth viewing, Carlos. I particularly like your Wandering Bodies series. The composition, how you captured the lighting, and the conceptual framework. Don't hesitate to keep in touch from time to time, okay?

[email protected]:
Exellent, exellent, exellent. Wonderful work with the graphics section-great colors yet simple-lets the viewer think. Also the wandering bodies-great contrast with the idea of a nude woman in a monastary, quite good, I must say. Thank you for sharing this with me.-Sam

[email protected]:
I am always fasinated by photographer who are able to capture the type of images that you display in your Portrait gallery. As a photographer, I am aware that it is most difficult to "break" the comfort zone of many people and to reach inside of them and photograph the emotions you bring forth. You have captured this with such simple images that they are truly not only artistic but very introspective. The moods captured in your Wandering Body series is outstanding. Nudity which many times overpowers an image is just a side issue in your photographs. They add so much to the mood of the lighting and the archs within your images that you feel more of the loneliness (For me) of the young lady. Bravo. Truly enjoyed your site and look forward to see more. Sal Rodriguez El Paso, Texas USA

[email protected]:
Bold, beautiful, simple . . . thank you for sharing your wonderful work. I am in awe of it. I am inspired. Rachelle, P.E.I. CANADA

[email protected]:
Carlos; Sorry it's taken me so long to get this out but between all my projects I've just been busy... I finally got the chance to actually look at your images and I must say that you do have talent. I think that the ones that stick in my mind the most would have to be your "buildingscapes. The basic color foundation plays against a flat image causing the eye to create simple shapes within the frame. This "trick of the light" if you will, strikes me as very intriguing. Also you picture of the negro woman is very contagious. Keep up the work; I hope to see more Gary

[email protected]:
Carlos, even though I don't like colour, your pictures are great and I love the way your use of colour. I love the female body and your Wandering Bodies section is amazing. Good work.

[email protected]:
I looked through your pages, and your nudes in the abandoned monastery made my heart ache for the ruins of Europe - there is nothing in North America which approaches the beauty of the thousands of years of architecture in Europe. The best of luck with your future work, Take care, Eric Boutilier-Brown Halifax, Nova Scotia

[email protected]:
You are a very creative and thoughtful photographer !!!! I'd love to see more of your work. Aray

[email protected]:
I would be proud, for you to link with my site very sensitive work !! I can only echo all the praise you have so far attained . Peter Fredrick

[email protected]:
You are the artist photograhph. We want to see more of your photost and it is a posible, we made the exhibition in Pghotogallery STOLP in Maribor, Slovenija.

[email protected]:
I especially liked: - the first of the black and white images in the "Wandering Body" gallery in which the curve of the arch soars above the woman's body. - the "Peeking Boy" is a charming image - the "Traditional Drummer" is brilliant -- the figure in the doorway was a stroke of very good fortune. - "By the Church" and "While the others sing and dance" are wonderful,mysterious portraits. Ron Hammond

[email protected]:
I enjoyed the site though it loaded very slowly here in Beijing! I found the thumbnails too small to make out on several of the photos but when opened they exhibit a mastery of composition and light which is impressive. I would be interested to see more of your Macau photographs since it is a place I know well. Best regards from Adrian Bradshaw, editorial photographer based in Beijing, China

[email protected]:
Seen your site and liked it. Keep up the good work, Erik-Jan Geniets http://www.fotograaf.com

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos, First I would like to thank you on your wonderful compliments on my photographic works. I also would like to thank you for your invitation to your web site. I especially enjoyed the images from your book. The journalistic and artistic quality is wonderful in your images. In your "Wondering Body" series something caugth my attention. All your females were almost lost in the grandeur of the beautiful stones and trees. It reminded me how much we are so tiny in the universe. The size of each thing become very relevent to its environement. Spain holds a great place in my heart. Did you even come across the book Dos Contemporanos Nudos II? There will be a new third volume coming out soon. The publisher is in Barcelona Spain. They also publish La Fotografia Actual. My works are featured in both volumes. All the best wishes to you dear Carlos. From Montreal Canada with love. Hera S. Bell http://herabell.net

[email protected]:
Very impressive images! Keep up the good work. One thing you might consider is posting where one can see your photographs in person (galleries, museums etc.) I make it to Portugal one day I would like to see your photography in person. -M Halberstadt in San Francisco

[email protected]:
Carlos, Merci d'avoir visité mon site http://users.swing.be/mudom et de m'avoir adressé vos impressions. Je ne suis que débutante. Vos photos sont extraordinaires par leur graphisme, leurs couleurs, leurs sens. C'est bon, bien construit, percutant...vous êtes un GRAND. J'ai eu un coup au coeur quand je les ai regardées. Me permettez-vous de mettre un lien vers votre site sur mon site? Et puis-je vous demander d'en faire autant? Why not? Au plaisir. Murièle Roland

[email protected]:
Hi Carlos, nice photography. I especially liked the old laughing woman. I think it is your best shot. The images are a bit too big though. And I would love to see some nature photography. One point of positive criticism (graphic section) : always think of the message you want to convey with your images. http:come.to/TheHealingPictures

[email protected]:
Carlos, Wonderful work. You have a great eye for composition and light. Beautiful photographs showing the power of the camera in the hands of a talented photographer. Thank you for bringing your work to my attention.

[email protected]:
I have greatly enjoyed looking at your photographs. I particularly like your portraits - they are full of feeling. There are some wonderful shots in your Wandering Body section also, although your photographs (such as the monastery ruins) would have worked just as well without the model.

[email protected]:
You have a Dear Carlos, You have got a very good eye for graphic forms and figures. I enjoyed my tour on your site and would like to wish you much success with your work also in the future! Amit Bar.

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos !!! A good site with nice photographs (especially the Wandering Body). Kumar (http://www.angelfire.com/nh/cpkumar/virgo.html)

[email protected]:
Excellent photos and beautiful site, just a little slow... My best congratulations for your work and researches. Ahura Azan, Professional Photographer,Rome http://members.models.com/avantgarde/

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos - Fantastic work! Exceptional use of light and form in Wandering Body. What a beautiful location for photography, and you capture it on film so well. I find your work to be inspiring.

[email protected]:
Hi,Real good work.The portrait of old man is great. fantastic colour.if you want to photograph in india i will assist you. C.V.RAMAN INDIA

[email protected]:
Carlos this is excellent work, the black and white images have a wonderful contrast and the color photos in wandering body utilize the natural colors of the church ruins with the models body tones to create a beautiful combo!!

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos, Well done on an elegant and professional looking site. The design is clean and simple, which can only help your very nice photos to stand out. I really liked your graphics series, you have inspired me to pull out colour film again, after a long time with black and white. Greetings from Zürich, Switzerland. James Mitchell http://www.mitchellfoto.com

[email protected]:
Hello Carlos, your photos are very nice. I especially like the "Wandering Body" gallery. You can have my award for the best site of month! www.saskiamodel.de

[email protected]:
Vos photos sont tres jolie - j'aime especiallement les nus et les graphics. L'architecture chez vous me fait penser aux isles Grec.. Ciao JEFF DUNAS

[email protected]:
Love all your work.It was brought to my attention due to family background. My family originally from Lisbon Portugal.Our name also Coelho. Thank you for such BEAUTY!

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos, I was really delighted from your pictures. I specially like the fotos "graphics", the light is in harmony with the architecture....I can feel the silence of sunny days in Greece. Very good homepage too. And I like to have a view to your book "As I see it". Irmingard Anna http://www.aurumxxl.de - Enjoy my images too!

[email protected]:
Dear Carlos, I honestly loved your work and the way you compose the elements of your picture. I believe "Lady Eve" is a truly amazing image, and I really liked your portraits section. Since you say that photography is a hobby of yours, I can definitely say that you love your hobby very very much. Regards, Nico Markobotsaris, Greece http://www.ene.gr/nico

[email protected]:
Carlos..I think it is interesting how your work migrates into different mediums...a life time of work showing its wings...the double trees and nudes I love... a mysterious quality...that integrates and breaks down the walls of separation...thank you Gary Brumley http:///www.webzone.net/troppo

[email protected]:
Congratulations for a job well done, and we look forward to seeing more of your works exhibited online in the near future. All the best!Sincerely, Dominique James Photographer (Manila, Philippines)

[email protected]:
Looks Great Carlos, I also have been thinking about something simular to your wandering body series and I am going to have to get around to doing it now. Over all your web site is well built and provides an interesting interface. Thanks for the invite Andrew MacKay http://www.earthlight.co.nz/users/ruthara

[email protected]:
Great photographs, Carlos. Very good uses of forms and colours. Though I like your portrait photos the most. I can see a little bit of Cartier-Besson's influence in them. The site itself is well-designed (much better than mine =)). I would like to see more black and white portraits though. I think the use of colour takes away some of the focus from portrait photographs. Thanks for checking out my works. --Leo (http://www.geocities.com/amozart_98)

[email protected]:
Hello Carlos...checked your site. Very nice..I liked the colours in "Girl in a Moorish Well". Didn't find any pictures taken in Thailand. I plan to visit Portugal/Spain sometime..maybe can shoot together. SANJAY BASU (JAY), Bangkok

[email protected]:
I'm very impressed by your photos .. my favorite being 'lady eve' ... the graphics series is very well done ... site design very good as well -Cara http://fotokid.tsx.org

[email protected]:
Hi! very nice loking site. I really like the way you are using the light. The wandering body series are my favourites. The light in the indoor photos are very nice. But my top of list are photo no1 with the girl and the tree, both calm and funny with very nice light. I also liked the colors in the photo from the well. Only complaint is that it loaded a bit slow, even with a rather fast connection I had to wait a few minutes for the photos. (but it was worth it) seyaa! bertil Lindgren (http://www.photostudio.nu)

[email protected]:
You are a wonderful photographer. Of course, I am partial to nudes, and I enjoyed your nudes very much, but all of your other work was very pleasing as well. Tom Hunscher

[email protected]:
Hello Carlos. great gallery, the Nudes & graphics it's a present for my eyes. thanks too for your comentary to my pictures. Bye (03/06/00, Geneva Switzerland). Raul Acevedo. [email protected] http://raul.acevedo.net

[email protected]:
Bravo Carlos. I liked specially "graphics" and "portraits". You are really a photographer. Thanks. Eros

[email protected]:
Hi Carlos - Great Site, loved the wandering bodies section! The locations are superb and the model is stunning! Thanks for looking at my site. Keep up the brilliant work. John

[email protected]:
Hello Carlos! I love your Gallery, especially the Graphics portfolio. Beautifully composed, clear lines, color, harmony, texture - I could even smell the air! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful country! I'll let you know when I updated my site (no time at the meoment). Cheers Judit Kovacs

[email protected]:
Hi Carlos, Enjoyed your work and can see the influence of Avedon and Bresson. You have good eyes and a real talent. Your site and work is very well presented a priviledge to see. KInd Regards, phil melia

Thank you Carlos...I am very flattered, I looked at your site....I like the design very much and I love your nudes, very warm and sensuous and your graphics are very good to...:-) well..its all very good.!....very impressive list of exhibitions.! Regards Norma Walton

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. You have a great eye for colour and composition. There are so many nice pictures I simply can't pick my favourite. Good Luck, Andi, New Zealand http://i.am/andi.engel

I find your work very interesting and gives the veiwer a good idea of your culture. The night images and the white and blue images are exceptional. Thanks for visiting my 266 image site

Hello! Excellent site... very good design and your photography is fantastic... well done... keep it going. Jams Nisbett

Very nice photos! I especially liked the way you captured the light, in a kind of similar way in your picturs. Excellent! /HJo

I have browsed through your own site and, though your subject is not my specific area of expertise, very much liked your work. I think it showed some original touches and a good eye for composition. Good luck for the future. Chris Weston Natural Photographic, UK

Carlos, Not since Pete Turner have I found color so appealing! Your work is truly outstanding, with a wonderful sense of composition and scale. You are a true artist, with what seems to be an inate sense how to communicate through photography. You say you aren't a professional, but there are not that many who are that can lay claim to this level of work. Ron Hildebrand

I went to your website. Your images are very well done. The lighting inside that location is wonderful. I will admit that I don't personally relate to the idea of placing nude models in natural settings, or archeological ruins,but you did a very good job with this style. A nude model next to an image of Christ? Isn't a monastery a sacred place? Just something to think about. But very good work, regardless of philosophy. Keep shooting. Robb Debenport

I particularly enjoyed "Wandering Body", which I felt had a feeling rather like that of the pictures of Charis Wilson by Edward Weston. I also liked "Graphics" and "As I see it" - the one thing a photographer cannot fake,and either has or has not, is an eye for a picture, which you very definitely do have - your compositions are striking but at the same time have a spontaneous feel and a natural awareness of balance and colour. Are you aware of William Eggleston? I feel he, too, has the "seeing eye", the ability to take something mundane which most people would ignore and make an exciting picture of it. David Bebbington ( UK )

I found your "Wandering Body" series quite strong - the colour images in the Monastery are by far the strongest, and seeing the photos made me even more strongly miss the ruins and history of Europe. Someday perhaps I will have the ability to travel to Spain and Portugal, to photograph. Now all I need is the money :-) Eric Boutilier-Brown - Halifax

Well to be honnest I realy like the photography work in your grafic section. John Braeckmans - Belgium

Your Wandering Body series is stunning! You have a gifted eye for light and form. I would love to have the opportunity to photograph in the locations that you've captured so well on film. Jim Crotty

Excellent photography! Knowledge of the medium is definately apparent. The Wandering Body series is a definate achievement in balance and composition. Great stuff, and a cool contemporary site design! Jason Beam, Digital Fine Artist (USA) www.jasonbeamstudios.com

Pantelis Hatziharalambous:There is no words to discribe your work.I just wanted to say that I'm opening your web site every day to see if you added any new photos.These photos from Greece are amazing! Thank you that you share your beautiful work with us.

I love the nudes (of course) but one of my favorites is "Girl and the Morrish Well".What color! Bill

Hi carlos they are great, and your art works are beautiful. from http://www.colorwhispers.com

dear Carlos. Many thanks for bringing your work, and site, to my attention. I particulary enjoyed the Wandering Body Section. The images exhibit great strength with regard to composition, use of colour, and model direction. I found a lot to inspire and look forward to any updates. Well done. Many thanks, take care and all the best for the future. Keep in touch Yours Christopher John Ball http://www.cjballphotography.co.uk

Carlos: the wandering body offers up some of the most excellent images it has been my pleasure to see! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Great images !! You would go wild at some of Namibia's landscapes and surreal places (like the old diamond mining 'goast' towns, which present superb abstract & graphic photo opportunities) Keep it up - Regards from sunny Namibia Lisa Berl- Africa

Dear Carlos, Thank you for your comments in my guestbook! My favorite photograph is the b/w nude by the tree from your "Wandering Body" series. Excellent composition. I would love to see a version of it in sepia tone. Have you ever tried toning your b/w photos? I think they would be very handsome that way. Your lighting reminds me of Orson Welles' movies, which are some of my favorites. Thanks for telling me how you found my site -- this is always helpful information! I'll be adding your site to my links page soon. Keep up the great work, Carvin Carvin Rinehart Photography http://www.earlham.edu/~rinehca

never been to Portugal, have a lot of nudes on file, but never such settings, and your use of ambient lighting is superb, keep up the good work. Work in good health, todd holden, Bel Air, Md. 21014

Hi Carlos, I am so honored that you like my work and I must say that I truly admire the "Wandering Body", especially the monestary pictures. I always like to mix a bit of taboo with sensuality and beauty, I can only wish for locations like that here in New York. The other areas of your site are simply stunning and you have a wonderful eye for angles and composition-keep up the great work! http://www.anneliadolfsson.com

Wandering Body is really good stuff that takes your breath awawy. I dislike the merging of B/W and color in that case (Colors are much better). On the countrary your street portraits would look differntly stronger in B/W. The graphics series is great as well. As you could see from my site (http://www.acidlife.com/aciderror/davide/) I love black backgrounds... You are not just an amateur! Go on with well defined projects like ther "wandering" one!

Hi Carlos from artcamera Turkey, I visited your site and liked your photographs especially graphics and wandering body 10 is very impressive. thank you for all. my personal site about time http://www.geocities.com/syolacan I want to see. Semih Yolacan 25.05.2000

Hi Carlos, the pictures are superb, thnaks for your comments about my work too. They arehighly apreciated, specially coming for a talented photographer like yourself. I like all the pictures, being the Wandering body my favorite one. Amazing light, beautiful model and nice location Carlos Lopez-Barillas, London UK.

Very nice composition and colors. I like very much graphics pictures graphics. Congratulations. http://get.to/vollet

Carlos - what can be said that hasn't already been said? Great work! I look forward to seeing more of the same.

I like your photographs, especially those in the "Graphics" compartment. I enjoy surface and structure. /Lennart Bergstrom, Sweden

I liked the wandering body series. I found the photo with the woman next to the old tree to be very thought provoking. It's amazing how old the tree is and the kind of profound statement it is, having a beautiful woman by the tree that stands near where Da Gama lived. Very timeless. I liked the colors of the graphics series photographs. It was very peaceful and very strong. Kevin H.

Hi Carlos! Very nice photographs, I like especially the graphic ones. Excellent! /Andreas Barth, Sweden

I've just been visiting your website, and found it very enjoyable. Your photographs are both beautiful and subtle- I found myself looking a long time to see all elements, and appreciate how they fit together. The website itself is very well presented also. - William Tyler > >

You have a wonderful color sense and compositionally your images are strong. The choice of subjects is excellent and interesting. Bernice Halpern Cutler

Hi! Nice graphic photos. I'm very interested in taking photos of this kind myself but your precise understanding of the color still charms me a lot.

hi carlos, i had a wonderful time browsing over your nude pics. they were artistically shot, a clear defferentiation between art and pornography. lourse ortega

hi carlos ,how are you i'mourad from morocco nice pic .good lack!!!!!!

I´ve seen better sites and much better images. /art knower


Carlos, Thanks for stopping by my site www.photostuff.co.uk. I thought I would return the complement and have spent a very enjoyable 30 minutes browsing through your images. The site is well laid out although a little slow and the images are great. They show a lot of imagination and I like the colours and textures which are very rich. Keep up the hard work.

Thanks for bringing your site to my attention. I enjoyed your fascinating and exotic subjects (especially in the Graphics section). Great composition and form. Congratulations, and may you continue to see the world's beauty in the dimensions of art.

Really dug the images on your site. The Wandering Body has incredible tones, texture and colors. Good luck w/ you future projects... motorcycledave

Wonderful work. I especially enjoyed the wandering body series and would love to see more. www.curtisbliss.com

Carlos~ My heart's own beat ( Irmingard~ ) sent me your url. Again, wonderful work! Your eyes are keen, and there seems to be a hidden story in each photograph...for me to find and read. This is visual story telling at it's best. All I can say is thank you for allowing me to look into your many wonderful windows. Your a remarkable artist. My best to you and yours...Decker~

Very beautiful pictures, you really hav a gift, I especially liked the wandering bodies pictures, very interesting how you set those up. Keep it up Valerie

It is one of the best site which I know in Internet. Thank you Carlos! All photographs are excellent. Graphics are the most closely to my soul. Your feeling of woman's beauty is wonderful. The great site!

I like your portraits very much. Great piece of work. specially the "lady eve" picture! Thanks for sharing.

Dear Carlos, Thank you for your compliments on our site www.richpontier.nl.As a professional photographer I must express my congratulations for your wonderfull images. Maybe we can meet sometime as we take our pictures all over the world. Kind regards,Rich Pontier LBIPP

Hi Carlos, thank you for stopping by at my site and for your praise, which I can return immediately. I love your simple view of Amsterdam! In the galleries I really like your Whereabouts and the And More-section. One remark only: the thumbnail of te picture The southern door from Faro looks like a face, I like that, but the bigger picture is the other way round. Maybe the wrong way round? Your site looks great with these very modest but effective graphics. See you on the web! Wim Wiskerke, Holland

Puedo ver la conexion entre tus fotos y el alma .Hay sensibilidad sutileza pero tambien hay fuerza de color ,bueno pero tambien las locaciones son importantes y escogiste paises con vida ,mucha suerte y el arte o creatividad no se aprende esta en el alma .Gracias por compartir .

Excellent design and content. Strong colours and strong compositions. Well done!

Hi Carlos, What a creativity I found here! Keep on doing this good work. My Favourites: The Graphics, they are very very good. And...thank you for sharing yours as well. Hope to here from you again! Brazza! www.xs4all.nl/~brazza

Hi, well, a very nice Webside. The photos all really good. I like this shoots. I which you all best! Cu, Alex http://www.entertainmentpure.de

Hello Carlos, I'm impressed with your wide range of subject matter and your fabulous website. I especially like the juxtaposition between the nudes and the architectural backdrops from the Wandering Body series. Dave

My english is not so good. But your homepage is real fantastc with wonderfull pfotos. i come back. And i take a link for your page in my homepage. best greetings from germany, berlin Klaushttp://www.net.alphadv.de/Gebba01/schaufensterpuppen.htm

Hallo Carlos! Eine schöne Seite hast du! Danke für deine Mail. Vielleicht schaust du auch mal auf meine Homepage: http://www.members.aol.com/Grit30j Viel Spass! Grit

Hello Carlos! You've your own style to show nudity, and your model ind "The wandering body" shares your ideas and works with you in an absolutly perfect manner. Go on like that, I like your style, even if your site shows only a small excerpt from your work. Greetings from Austria Markus

Boa tarde from Germany! I like the mixture of young beauty and old ruins very much! How about a link/bannerexchange with my site www.sugar7.de ? Auf Wiedersehen Sugar

Tolle Seiten - ich bin begeistert! Wenn Sie Ihre Homepage noch bekannter machen wollen, können Sie sich über meine Homepage in über 1000 Suchmaschinen kostenlos eintragen, unter http://www.wehrwunder.de

Your work is outstanding! I especially liked the creativity in the "graphics" section. Excellent black and whites. Keep up the great work. You have a very special talent. I am adding your link to my web page! Andy P. www.geocities.com/photobyap/andyp.html

Hi Carlos, I liked your site very much. My favorite is the "graphics" section.I like your eye for composition.I would have liked to have seen more of the model in the "Wandering Body" section though. Keep up the good work. Randy

absolutly brilliant, couldn't find any thing better if i tried keep up the good work Carlos

buen trabajo Carlos. soy de Colombia y estoy en el periodico EL TIEMPO. Estoy seguro que muchas personas que trabajn conmigo en el area de la fotografia y al editor grafico del periodico le agradaran tus fotos. pronto te enviaré el email de richard emblin quien es el editor grafico, felicitaciones.

Greetings Carlos, thanks for the invite to your site. Very nice work!I love the way you have captured your models. Can't wait to see more! Take it easy! And keep up the good work! http://www.darksites.com/souls/goth/pendragon/Home.html

Hallo Carlos! Meine Hochachtung! Ja, diese Aufnahmen treffen genau meinen Geschmack. Sehr professionell. Da stimmt einfach alles.Hintergrund, Licht Perspektiven u.u.u. Wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg. Mögen Dir die Ideen zu Deinen Bildern nie ausgehen. Liebe Grüße manni

Hey Carlos. Du hast ganz tolle Photos. Gratulation. Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Germany Günter Zienow

Hi! First I want to tell you, that site is really beautifull, from designers eye and of course from photographers one, congratulations again! Tomas Bercic, Slovenia

I enjoyed your pictures, especially the architecturally themed and portraiture. I echo some of the above comments on the black background and slow download, maybe you could move some of these pictures to photo.net.

Wow. Very beautiful. The colours are especially good. I wish I felt more qualified to make comment. Thanks for passing me the URL. I'll keep an eye on your site for changes. Nice Web design too. Regards, Golo.

There's a great diversity of content, from your images in the Portuguese monastery, to the vibrant blues seen in your images from Greece and Portugal. As another individual has noted, you have a lovely eye for composition. Evan Whitney, Boston, MA, USA: http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder.tcl?folder_id=24680

Interesting site, very proffesional layout and you have some nice work, would like some mention of your equipment and shutter/fstops though. Keep taking those great pictures :)

Carlos, I truly enjoyed your work. Wish there were more photographs. I am plan to visit your homeland this August. It will be awesome to meet you. Meantime hope to see you on http://a4u.homepage.com From Russia with best, Alexei

Your site is very nice, very user-friendly to navigate. And your photos are beautiful. I loved the portraits and the graphics parts. Hope you will add more photos. Thanks. Greg

I really like the Wandering Bodies section. I don't know if it would have been better to see the model's face but perhaps you were thinking it would take away from the architecture. Oh well, they're beautiful in any case. Ed

I enjoyed your site very much. I found your work, especially the black and white shots of the nudes in the monestary to be my favorites. I have always known that Portugal is a beautiful country offering an exciting variety of photographic opportunities, but am now also convinced that it should be added to MY list of places to visit. Your page layout is also quite nice, and I found that the images load very fast as well. Thank you for contacting me with your URL! William Levitt http://home.arcor-online.de/william.levitt

Great pictures, fast download times. Bright colors. I especially liked the graphics part (a portrait of a woman in a striped shade, and many blue sky - white foreground images). I liked the picture of a man with a sigarette in the portraits section. Monastery images were impressive in the wandering body part. Would like more info on how you made the pictures (shutter, fstops, focal length, whether digitally enhanced or not, etc). Anatoli. http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder.tcl?folder_id=22738

I like your work very much, especially the graphic section. give us more. Your website is brilliant as well, very simple and easy to navigate. A+ jean-michel

Carlos, I also enjoyed your site very much. Especially I love your graphics from Grecia and very humane portrait Lady Eve. Nice work! May you give us (i.e. all over photo-world) some informations about your photo equipments? Ivan Miksik (http://mujweb.cz/www/ivan_miksik/index_zajmy.htm)

Hi Carlos- Excellent work and fantastic site design. Makes my site look like child's play! Anyway, stop by my site from time to time to see new work from time to time: http://www.photoperception.com (Michael Weiser, California, USA)

Hi Carlos, I feel privileged receiving your comments about my portfolio after visiting your website. The wandering bodies are fantastic. A fusion between beauty and spirituality. My only advice, if I may would be to explore even further the theme. When I see the result I want even more. Many thanks for sharing it and giving us a flavour of your beautiful country. Chris

Your comments on my work are so kind in light of your own talent. Superd work Carlos. It was a pleasure to visit your site. It is now bookmarked and I await your future work.

Klasse Bilder, Excellente Seite

Hi Carlos, i'm chumsak from Thailand. I love your work about portrait and graphic. Your portrait have feeling and I can saw the story of picture. Good work. Chumsak K. (http://www.geocities.com/kanoknan_k)

Hi Carlos, I liked your site very much... Your photos are very inspiring... I´m just begining, so good work like your help get on the road... Enrique Vila http://www.photo.net/photodb/user.tcl?user_id=188598

The site was excellent. The punchy colors really bring the photos to life. Have recommended the site to friends. Will check back to see future work.

Really nice pictures. I enjoyed my visit at your fantastic site. I´ll come back. - Marco -

The photography was absolutly inspiring. Although my personal favorite was "Museu de Silves - Algarve - Portugal: girl and moorish well", the sky blue/white series in the "graphics" section were stunning! I only hope I could even begin to create a site with such an impressive portfolio.

Hi Carlos. Thanks for the invitation to view your site. I enjoyed your work very much. The composition and color were excellent. As others have mentioned, the organization and implementation on the web were also excellent. I will come back in the future to see if you have added new work.

Very striking photos. I am particularly fond of the graphics section but only because my tastes lean that way. All sections were very well done.

very nice light and colors , but i need more story more people . hope you are not offended :)

Hallo, Grüße aus Deutschland,Region Vogtland.Sehr schone Bilder:-) cu @chim http://www.molli.de.vu

I am inspired by the power of many of your photographs, the beautiful colours and the lovely sites. You make me long to visit Greece again! Sandy

Excellent web site and super high quaility photos! I'm glad I was able to see them. Thanks Carlos. I also like the wandering bodies. Might talk about an advertising photo for our web site! Jim Headley, CEO ManualsRus.com

Great light, beautiful lady, wonderful sky colors. I especially enjoyed the wandering bodies. I will bookmark and check in once in a while.

Well done, Carlos. Excellent site design and outstanding photos. I especially like the graphics section. Thank you for sharing these with us.

I like your pictures of the monestary (wondering bodies), particularly the ones where the model is under the arch. In one (from the side, legs together) she looks like part of the building (like a gargoyle or something) and I like the shadow she casts on the wall. On the other (from the front, legs apart) it looks like she's doing this real dramatic pose and it looks like something very modern in a very old building. Anyway, that's my interpretation. I also like those people on the street. David traintomidnight.com

Hello Carlos! Your site is beautiful. The Wandering Body and Graphics sections are so strong that I suspect you of holding out some material for Whereabouts (which is only held back by its small size... I love the mirror). Let me know as you expand. Graham (www.studiobraun.com/travel/)

I looked at your website in some depth. It is wonderfull!!! You are much much more than an amateur. You could probably sell your book "As I See It". The images convey som real human interest. I'd love to see just one feeling or human aspiration followed in depoth through many faces of common experience. Ah, but then, who has the time. I guess we should both retire soon and pursue our muses. I'd love to see some actual prints some day. I guess I'll need to come to Portugal. The construction of your website is also excellent. It looks like a professional web site. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with me. Charles Clemens Carterville, IL USA

Great site, nice clean layout. My only complaint is that there should be more pictures! I really enjoyed viewing your work.

Wow. The colors in your work are astounding, and know I am more decided than ever that I must travel soon to portugal and spain...the "Wondering Body" series is excellent, and served to get me out of my rut of product photography and make arragments for some mor emodel shoots.

Hi Carlos! Your graphics photos are really wonderful. There's something special in those photos.

"May you always recognize your own uniqueness as a gift that others appreciate so much."

Dear mister Pinto Coelho: Your pictures are absoloutelly marvellous.Congratulations!!!

I just put this site into my "Links" Page. http://www.vassl.com/links.htm Yoonki in Bangkok

Outstanding photos Carlos....keep up the great work. Your site is very well constructed and easy to navigate...well done.

Fantastic. That's one way of putting it. The Graphics selection appealed to me the most, but on the whole a thoroughly impressive and enjoyable exhibition. Thanks for the invite...

Carlos, muy bueno tu trabajo, es un placer que podamos estar en contacto y que nos una una pasión como la fotografía, que manejas tan bien. Un abrazo grande Fredy Heer. www.heer.com.ar

Felicidades Carlos, un sitio francamente interesante y completo...Quedas desde este mismo instante invitado tu y todos tus visitantes a la nueva web para los fotógrafos: azules.8m.com Un saludo, Diego

Hello Carlos. I think your work is fantastic. The lines, textures, color, and composition are excellent. I have bookmarked the site and will definately return periodically to check it out.

Carlos, Excellent Work! I especially enjoy the compositions of the architectural pics and the simple tones they employed, giving the simplicity of 'like' B&W pics but with color?!... Wondering Body was shot in a great locale with you capturing the essence of the lighting and the beauty of the human form. Continue the great work! Stan

Fantastic photos Carlos !!! thanks for a very wonderful experience. !

I like your site very much - excellent photographs. I also think the site is well organized - easy to navigate around.

excelente página amigo y muchas gracias por escribirme, me gusta la forma poetica que tienes de ver los colores y el uso de la belleza del desnudo para llenar de vida y sueño un lugar monastico perdido en el tiempo, el glamour y el silencio el lenguaje del cuerpo y la brisa invisible del tiempo. un abrazo y escribeme cuando te apetezca soy de Leon - España y conozco algo tu pais, puedes visitar miúltima página en constante construccion en la direccion siguiente http://www.artelatino.com/fotografia/metaforas/ chau

Hi Carlos, thanks for inviting me. All photos are just great, especiialy graphics art and wandering body. I invite you also to visit my site http://www.geoposter.com. It's open for photo uploads, and you're very welcome to place your photos on the site. Thanks again, Victor

Carlos, great photos.. what do you shoot with ? I really liked the portraits, nice detail and saturated colours

You have some excellent photos on this site. The lighting and colors in all of them are superb. Keep up the good work!

I was very impressed, much thanks for the invitation. Your "Graphics" and "Wandering Body" collections astonish me the most. You seem to have a keen eye for color and balance.

Thanks for inviting me to your stylish site, Carlos. Your photographs were more than worthy the download time. I think that they are very successful, to say the least. All the best and may you upload many new photos. Dejan Tesic, Australia.

Carlos, thank you for your kind comments on the one photo I have posted at Photo.net. I love the graphic work & wondering body!!!My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe and it includes seeing friends in Lisbon & Spain. Could I ask you to point out a few good photo locations off the typical path???

Nice to meet you,Carlos,you not an amateur photographor, they are beautiful photos you take, but they may be a little bit small see through the web,photo full of color,look pretty,but color is not the whole photo,on the other way , I do like the shadow on your photo, I think you intend to take the shadow in these photos,the shadow make the subject living,I like you photos,cause they do look so beautiful.

Carlos thanks for your comments on my photo. There will be more to follow. Take a look in a couple of days. I enjoyed this site very much. I espically like the "And More" the photograph of the well really caught my attention. Was it a multiple exposure?

Carlos, I am fascinated by how well you were able to use the natural lighting for many of your pictures. The color saturation is also quite good. You also have a great eye for choosing subject matter. Many of your pictures go beyond being simply a good picture but they capture a feeling or moment that can be shared with the viewer through the photo. This is something I want to achieve with practice. Great Job!

Hello, Carlos: Thanks for inviting me to visit your well-constructed website which fill in full of nice pictures. I like photos in "Graphics" much, especially for those simply with blue and white. Very nice job. I bookmarked your site and I will visit some often. Here is my far-less-well-designed homepage, please come and give me your advice when you have time. http://home.pchome.com.tw/soho/changmin3/ Ming-Chuan Chang in Taipei, Taiwan.

Estimado Carlos: Con gran placer visité sus galerias. Personalmente no me agrada mucho calificar a la fotografia como profesional, amateur o de aficionado, sobre todo en este año dos mil en que la magia de Internet(pura poesía de nuestra época) ha logrado derrotar a todas las exclusiones. Muchas gracias por visitar mi página. Un gran abrazo desde Buenos Aires-Argentina. Me mantendré en contacto. Osvaldo Ernesto Pasero-Artista Plástico

A beautiful set of photographs, a lovely location, very inspiring.

Carlos, Thank you for inviting me to see your wonderful photos. They are wonderful and creative. Let me know when U add more... feel free to post in my erotic art group anytime... BTW I am 1/2 portugese and have never been to Portugal... thanks for the visit to my homeland...

Carlos, thank you for inviting me to your page. I like your pics. Color, form, composition are perfect. Indeed, you are not an amateur. You will be in "My favorites" Thank you.

Excellent work and site.

Hi Carlos, Thanks for letting me know your web-site. Lots of great shots! Your welcome back to http://hem.passagen.se/fotofrib/?noframe BR Kenneth Friberg

Great site! Thanks for sending me the email...you are now added to my links page.

Beautiful work! Nice to meet! Keep it up!

Very fine work, I am impressed! Thank you for sharing the beauty you see in the life around us all.

Thank you, Carlos, for visiting my site and inviting me to yours! I love your portraits! Wish I could travel to such places and meet the people there. Please revisit my site again soon in August for then there will be a new issue of my online magazine, AMM, for viewing with lots of new pictures and interviews of models and actors. Thanks again and I'll be back to see more of your well organized site. Apollo GT http://www.ApolloGT-Studio.com

Thank you for sharing these Carlos, and thanks for the e-mail too! The "Wandering Body" is a nice set of photographs, both of the nude body and the architectural forms: I'm primarily a painter, and my work is generally on the nude model and landscapes. I've found that one can find numerous landscapes on the human form, and I can see the architectural themes reflected in the nude model's form from your "Wandeing Nude" photos. As an artist and nude model, I always appreciate seeing how other artists depict the human form. Once again, thank you for sharing your work, Carlos. Hope to hear from you again. I was wondering, if you're ever in the U.S. shooting photos, please contact me. Do you ever work with the nude male model?

Dear Carlos, I took your invitation and wandered at your site, wondering to your very nice work. You have very sharp eye for details, and I liked therefore the discovering of small fragments in your enlarged photos, which were hiddden untill then in the small thumbnails. Your colour use in your photos is excellent, and therefore I was surprised to see you took black colour as a background for your site. I respect you choice, but suggest you to try another, more quiet background colour, especially when the letters are red. My old eyes can hardly see through! With kind regards, Amit Bar. ------------------------------------ http://www.amitbar.com -----------------------------------

Outstanding photos!!!! You are truely an artist!!!!

mi visita a tu pagina NO fue una perdida de tiempo excelente! felicitaciones, y gracias por visitar la nuestra Un abrazo Eugenio.

Thanks for sharing your photography. You have an expressive gift.

Great photos. I liked them very much, very nice colours. I liked most the wandering body and the portraits. If you like to see some of my pictures go to http://tioborracho.tripod.com (they are not soo good, but improving ) :)

Many nice photos. I personally find it difficult to get good photos of people "in the street". You seem not to, and that is an accomplishment in itself. But I don´t fall into the praise choir in this guestbook when it comes to composition, though. I think too many of the images lack the last touch because of distracting details close to the borders of them. A matter of taste clearly, and the same for taking nudes in a Monastery, no matter a ruin. How could You? Also I thimk most of the B/W pictures are too low in contrast, could be they are better in print of course. On my screen some of them are burnt out in the whites, more than they should be.And many are not sharp,why?I know compression and such is necessary for the convenience for us visitors to have quick downloading.But f.ex the "friends" from New Orleans, is unsharp at the subject matter(the trumpeter) and a little sharper in other areas of it. I´m not here just to be critical, but so many in this guestbook seem to be too polite in their wiews.As I said first, many good photos but a few outstanding ones. I like fex. much the "sisters" portrait & the colored woman portrait on the start-page. Also those "graphic" ones from Greece made me want to go there again. Yet I have no site of mine, but will tell You when I have.To others reading this: I´m not professional myself and I´m not saying I am much better. That´s not my point, just to balance all those of You who in my eyes seem to look without any critic at all.I really do not want to sound sour, but take the risk.Carlos, I will try to inform You how to register on "foto.no".And I´ll mail You some more about Your images, It´s not a threat...!:-) / Mats N./Sweden

Aloha from Kauai! And Mahalo for inviting me to view your fabulous site! I can only echo the comments of your countless admirers ... Wonderful, Interesting, Professional, Intense, Exciting, Beautiful, Surprising, Excellent, Amazing, Fantastic, and On and On! I wish you much luck and happiness in your life. Kim Kennedy at http://www.kauaikim.com

Visité tu página, me gustaron tus fotos aunque me remiten al Mediterráneo más que al Portugal que recuerdo. Sivienes a México no dejes de avisarme y si yo viajo a Portugal haré lo mismo. Te invito a que visites mi página: www.geocities.com/grial_mx Me gustaría conocer tus comentarios. Juan Luis Díaz

Hello Carlos, I really enjoyed your work. Thanks for the invitation to your site! Lori

carlos, thank you for inviting me to view your photographs. i admire your "wondering boy" series for its taste and beauty. the models are not the main focus, but an incidental and artifactual element which compliments the wonderful architechture of these places. the lighting is painterly and adds even more to the environment. thank you. lisa@digitalari.com http://www.digitalari.com

Hello from Canada. I like your site, excellent pics. Nice model, is it your wife or your girlfriend, too bad I don't have a body like that. Catch you in December or so, as I am going out of town to work. Will save your site address and pass it along to others who may be interested.

From one photographer to another, good shooting Carlos, keep up the good work. Joy Fuller from AAA Photography.

Carlos: Solo para felicitarte por tus bellas fotos, son muy profecionales. Te dese exitos en todo lo que realices.

Caro Carlos, ho visto il Tuso sito e mi è piaciuto moltissimo. Complimenti per le eccellenti foto e per l'allestimento della Tua Home Page. ---------------------------------------------------------- Dear Carlos, I saw your Site and your great Photos, I would like send to you my best compliments... Bye Angelo My Photogtaphic Site Link : http://www.geocities.com/angelo_196138/

Hi Carlos, your photos are really interesting. I like your way of composition as well as camera angles. The light in the photos is stunning, especially in the monastry-photos I will come back to your site!

Thanks for inviting me to see your work. I liked the series 'wandering body' and 'graphics'. The lighting in both of them is great. The compositions are very aesthetic. But I haven't seen any good composition or aesthetics in other pictures. you seem to eb good at arranged or well thought shots than journalistic photogrpahy. Best wishes. PATANJALI.

Incredible photography! From one artist to another Carlos, you inspire me with your vision to become a better artist. I applaud your abilities and encourage you to keep sharing with the world, your unique perspective. Thank you for the gift you have given all of us who look and then feel. Beautiful!

hello, thank you for visiting my site at http://www.ekk-art.ch/ausst.htm I see your style in wandering body is meditation about achitecture and the female body. In my work I`m meditating about the beeing (soul?) of the woman. Thank you for your touch. -ekk-

Hola Carlos Excelentes fotos y excelente página web. La serie wandering bodies me ga gustado mucho: la localización, el cromatismo y la atmosfera creada por esea iluminación tan especial. Y gracias por haber visitado mi web. Frank Gómez http://personal2.iddeo.es/imactiv

Carlos...Glad you enjoyed my photo albums hosted at ZING.COM. Just wanted to take a moment and express what an incredible photo site you've managed to create. Great photography with a very user-friendly navigatable formatt. I look forward to viewing your future works.

Absolutely great photography and use of lighting. The nudes in the old monastary and the girl in the well are phenominal. I also really enjoyed your candid portraits. Great website.... PhotoMalc..

Hello from Norway ! Great page with beautiful pictures. Best regards from Øistein - Oslo http://www.multinett.no/flaten/

Wow...I am really impressed with your pictures...especially your portraits. Mainly I do b&w pictures, but since there was so much beauty in the colors in Egypt I decided to do color there...and save the b&w for other pics.

Carlos... Your photographs are fantastic... cannot say which gallery I like the best since they are all so good!!! Please let me know when you add more photos!!! Hilary Nina

Wonderful photos!

Congratulations! This is one of best photo-related sites I've visited so far...it's packed with wonderful photographs. The one picture that stands out is that of Lady Eve, it's absolutely stunning. Great job!

Carlos, exelentes trabajos, algunos lindando con lo onírico y otros tan terrenales como los mismos sueños... para volver y volver, ver y rever, mirar/mirarse/mirarnos en este mundo de fotografía en el que todos estamos inmersos. Felicitaciones! Miguel Welsh

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holacarlitos,hay manito estan padrisimas tus fotos, dejame felicitarte porque no tienes idea de la sensacion que causa en mi tus fotos, son tan reales, tonos de un solo color ya sea gris, o muy claros amarillos, solo me queda por felicitarte. eres muy buen artista carlos. ciao tu amiguilla celina de México.

Dear Carlos, good job...we want to know more about your last photoreports... good luck, Ann Stone International coordinator Gpa Press

Achei a sua página tão linda que resolvi escrever uma mensagem de apoio. Ao me deparar com tantos e tão variados elogios pensei que o meu seria insignificante. Mesmo assim, parabens. Como brasileira morando no exterior, continuo acreditando que os brasileiros fazem coisas tão boas ou melhores do que qualquer outro povo. Silvana Mandelli, Miami Florida

hello, this is *nocturna*. i loved your artwork. it shows a sensitive and very artistic soul. thank you! http://nocturna.net/

I Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by your web site to check it all out, and that I think you've done a nice job... Keep up the great work If ya get some time, consider a visit to one of my two web sites to check out my work,I'd like to hear your honest opinion of my stuff http://www.gymart.com La Galeria de GymArt® on GymArt.com and my old web site http://www.voicenet.com/~gymart La Galeria de GymArt® on voicenet.com Thank's Jim Nasium

Hi Carlos I have move around in you website And I have see lot of beautifull pictures,nude pictures are excelent and I like the Wandering body I have enjoy yours site and pictures http://w1.1358.telia.com/~u135801556

Hello there, Carlos........ I have to say, that you do marvelous work....... Your portraits are superb...I absolutely enjoed the nude wandering woman..... extremely beautiful photography... Congratulations on a job well done..... Keep up the good work :-) Cathy

I am new here and from looking at some of the pictures of the members,, i know i still have a lot to learn.. but that is what i am here for ... your photos are wonderful,, a hobby that you should definitely not give up Becky

Hello Carlos, Great site you have out there..Terrific pictures I have realy enjoyed every picture, your wandering bodies is certainly a different way to take nude shots (better way!!) the graphic shots are outstanding..Great forms, shapes, colours and textures..I also liked your portraits...Thanks for the invite. Reda Danaf..Egypt.

Parabéns Carlos, continue e seu trabalho já faz parte da historia. Saudações brasileiras. João Noronha - http://jnoronha.cjb.net - Fotojornalismo Brasil

Your photos brings real fresh breeze all the time. New works are beautiful. Great Photographer! Kudo's Carlos, Yoonki, Bangkok, Thailand

Just surfed in from Sweden to see the great pictures!

Carlos,Thank you once again for such beautiful photo's.Your gallery gives me the sense of connection and warm of what my dreams are sense I was a child.You have filled a void in my mind with breath a gallery of poetic and depth in your photo's! Thank you again Pamela Marianne Coelho.

wonderful work again, Carlos. I must come to Portugal and photograph with you sometime! Best regards from Canada and Joris Van Daele, photographer...

Grandes fotos de um grande Jornalista. Gostei de todas.

Thank you for a bit of cultural saudades. It is very hard out here to give people an aesthetic appreciation of Portugal, shape/form and color are covered by snow and wetlands with gray or white skies year-round. Your photos bring home the essence of light and life that I miss some much from the years spent working in Portugal and Spain. Thank you for sharing the photos and the Institute for the website. It was a beautiful selection. Morey

Des photos émouvantes, celles aussi de gens "dits" ordinaires, qui se meuvent dans un paysage et ce paysage ne fait qu'un avec eux. La sensualité de la lumière joue avec la vie et la sensualité des âmes qui l'habitent.

Excellent ! Je vous remercie de m'avoir permis de découvrir votre beau site et de passer un moment agréable. J'ai bien aimé la combinaison de la beauté du corps de la femme à celle de la beauté de la nature, ainsi qu'à la belle architecture du monastère. Les photos des gens ordinaires sont aussi magnifiques. Félicitations et Bonne continuation... Hanafi http://hanafi.art.tripod.com/index.html

Keep up the nice work. Keep me updated as construction of this sight continues. Thanks again....

Nice photography, Thanks! http://i.am/estonz

I really liked your site. Amazing pictures and the potraits r wonderful - i loved them. bye and best of luck for future. *shveta*

Carlos: tu trabajo es muy interesante y creo que no habia visto algo similar, la fotografia de color no me apacionaba mas que la de blanco y negro, pero veo que tu le pones un toque especial al color y los temas extraordinarios. Yo soy de Mexico, mi nombre Maribel soy fotografa amateur (gracias)

Merci pour votre façon professionelles de présenter vos photos...quand à leur contenu ... bravo. Philippe

Pienso en algo que decir, pero solo se me ocurre que la expresion escrita es algo limitada. Una imagen vale más que mil palabras...Gran trabajo. Gracias por sus comentarios. - Diego Mendiguren (http://i.am/mendiart)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Your work is beautiful! Dan McCormack http://www.ulster.net/~danmcc/BODYSCAN/

Carlos una de las cosas mas dificiles en fotografias es capturar las expreciones de el alma creo que tu trabajo las refleja. Yo escribo canciones y creo poder escribir de esos reflejos.

Vraiment un travail superbe ! esthétique, graphique,un site simplement beau… des photos que l'on aimerait avoir faites ! Bravo au photographe et aux modèles.

Bonjour,je viens de visiter votre site et il est splendide. j'aime beaucoup vos photographies et surtout vos paysages. Tout est de grande qualité. Bravo pour cette réalisation. Bien à vous Stévigny Louis

Dear Carlos, I did love your portfolio. It is very impressive the way you capture light and play with it, in black and white (should I say, with all the shades of grey in between?), and with colour. I found very impressive the «Ios-Greece» series: the shades of blue and hues of white give it a very powerful «abstract» touch. Congratulations!!

Hi Carlos, this is really impressive, I love the Portrait and Graphics section. Thanks for stopping by at my page too! Greets, Frank http://members.surfeu.de/fman/

Parabens, Carlos Pinot Coelho. You capture the Portuguese light so well! Beautiful website too. Melhores cumprimentos, Ernst Schade, Lisboa

tres beau site, je vous invite a visiter le notre createurs.org en esperant vous avoir comme partenaire sur notre Jumpstation cordialement Frederic Demeyere

Thanks for showing me the images in the monastry. Like my friend Dejan Dizdar in Israel you are fortunate in your landscape and your history. I love the subtle contrast between age and tradition and youth and beauty... but of course I'd have made the model larger because I am a brash Australian :-)

I enjoyed Wandering Bodies very much, but I also like many of the more candid shots in your book, for example the clown on the steps by the man drinking wine in Paris. A wonderful collection of work, Carlos.

Hı,greetıngs from TURKEY I lıke photography very much. For thıs reason I’m ınterested ın photography I vısıted your web page.It is wonderful. I guess you are too busy.I dont want to make you bored wıth my questıons.I’ll need some tecnıchal ınformatıon.Is there any problem to say you master? Can you tell me your photographs and yourself? Also I want to know how your style ıs and what the most succesful work of you ıs.Iwant to hear some advice from you.I’m sorry . I asked too many questıons.I’m waıtıng you to wrıte me answer.Have succes ın your job .Is there anythıng that you want from Turkey? What kind of camera, lens and film do you use while you are taking these photos ? How do you use flasch ? I wanna hear your suggestions. Have nice time, enjoy taking photo Is there any something to get from Turkey? A photographer from Turkey a friend from Turkey.. I’m looking for some metarials that includes technics about taking photo at a studio or daylight. Can you advice me something ? Your sincerely BARIŞ VAROL

Dear Carlos, (hallo carlos) vielen dank für deine einladung zu deinen photos. es war mir eine abwechslungsreiche unterhaltung und inspiration einmal nach portugal zu fliegen und mir das land anzuschauen und dies in bildern festzuhalten. ich wünsche dir alles erdenklich gute ... greetings from germany sabine a. kästel

If "Wandering Bodies", "Whereabouts", "Graphics" or the "Portraits" ... Carlos Pinto Coelho shows in every single image the proof that we should call him a "Master Photographer". His images are subtle, with beauty inherent, what kind of beauty ever. He can call the ability his own to capture the beauty of a landscape, the beauty of a young nude body as well as the beauty of an old face, with all its scars of a lifetime. Presented on the background of a tasteful designed website that still keeps the focuss on its content, every image is a magnificent document of what the eye of an artist can capture with a camera as his tool. I am sure all friends of this marvellous art form called photography are starving for more of this! More from Carlos Pinto Coelho! Denis Oliver Ullrich Founder of www.artoffice.de

vraiment génial, et pas seumement les photos de paysages avec corps ! bravo marypaule

Hi Carlos, Thank you for your email and your kind comments on my work on show in the class.mannequin gallery. I particularly liked your wandering body series. It is a splendid use of a tiny subject in very beautiful settings. The mixture of monochrome and colour adds to the overall success of the group as a whole. I visited all the other sets on your site but this wandering body series are my favourite. A great set of images, keep it up, Best wishes, Keith Adams - London

Hello Carlos! I realize you have an excellent site with very impressive pictures. My favorite photographs are the wandering bodies. My congratulations to your great work! Claus Rose, http://www.claus-rose.de.

your pictures are very beautifull- you have a lot of phantasie and you see the collors of the nature how you can put into the fotos. good look fot the future and much good light !!! Best regards from Austria Christian Plattner !

Bravo pour votre site. Un style bien à vous pour toutes les photos, particulièrement pour les nus. Toute la série me plaît beaucoup

Poète de l'objectif ! Mon cher ami vos photos m'ont fait découvrir un monde fascinant empreint de couleurs et de beautés…Tarik d'Algérie

Carlos, lo felicito por sus espectaculares fotos, esto me impulsa a hacer grandes cosas y ha llegar muy lejos como fotografa, puesto que soy muy joven y estoy comenzando con esta linda profesion.

Hello Carlos, you have great images on your site. My compliments to you. Take care and all the best for the future. Claudia

chapo amigo por tu trabajo,eres bueno,solo quiero decirte que sigas asi,con esa trayectorio,un saludo te mando mi pagina ok http://frantecnofoto.iespana.es

Hello Carlos, sorry, I speak not good english, I comes from germany. Your very good site with interests photos is "link of the week" under photographer (23.04. - 29.04.2001) on my site and one week on me titlesite with banner on www.photomodel4you.de & www.photograf4you.de. With best greetings from germany. Jörg

Parabens! Descobri mais uma nova (e diga-se excelente) faceta em si! Não pensei que nutria um gosto tao especial pela fotografia! Parabens mais uma vez. Excelente.

Hi Carlos, this morning i have see a great photograhy i have loved all your photos. i like much the light and colour. Please let me know when you add more photos!http://mysite.ciaoweb.it/michelemarch/

Hi Carlos. You have many wonderful images here. I am particularly impressed with some of the ones in graphics. Some of the portraits are also very good. I am pleased that you invited me to view your work. It is excellent. Art Hill www.WindyCityArt.com

Carlos, After viewing your vast expansive array of work I see why you have gained so much praise. Your work touches the heart of all those who view them. That alone is the feat we all as photographers aspire to do. You have accomplished more than you could have hoped for already! Continue to remain one who can see beyond the apparent and see deep into the soul of every image before you.

Dear Carlos. Hello from Italy to Portugal, a country we know and love. Thank you first for your appreciation of our work at http://digilander.iol.it/sarodb/usaparks/. The words of a great photographer such as yourself are of true encourgement to us. Now let's speak about your excellent site. Our sincere compliments go beyond the words one can express. It is sublime!!! Not only the beauty of the photos, of an extremely high and sophisticated standard, but also the fine graphic art of your site deserve special attention. Among the many spots visited on the web a new URL has now been added to my bookmarks, so we can return from time to time to see it. I am now working on restructuring the photography section of my personal website at http://digilander.iol.it/sarodibartolo/ I will let you know when it's ready, to hear you qualified comment. Bravo Carlos!!! Saro & Luca Di Bartolo

Hola Carlos! encantado, sobre y todo en la pagina de grafismo, por como haces composicion con forma y color. Graziano Bartolini

Ciao Carlos, che dirti, il tuo sito è molto professionale, complimenti, ma, soprattutto, sono le tue foto, i tuoi ritratti, nei quali traspare la grande umanità dei soggetti che riprendi. I tuoi paesaggi, sia a colori che in bianco e nero, sono splendidi. Un caro saluto dalla Sicilia da Nico Bastone.

dear carlos thankyou for inviting me to view your work i love your wandering body shots and you lighting in the ruins is a very good inspiration to all photogaphers wanting to do some thing more than a plainly lit model shot very well done yours shaun mcmanus www.4photo.co.uk www.macimummodels.co.uk

Congratulation for your pictures, I like the graphics section very good colours...All the best. Andrea Quattrini

What an excellent page. You are a great photographer. Thank you for visiting my webpage too. Kim, USA

These images are simply stunning. Great contrasts, compositions. Excellent is all I can say. keep it up. Dzine, USA

You are a very great fotograph. Thanks for your visit to my site http://www.multimania.com/inezita/tableaux Thanks Inêz

Thank you Carlos for the beauty you're offering. Thank you to help us to see this wonderful world as it deserves ! U put colors in our minds :))- Martine - http://martine.org

Hi Carlos Your work is an inspiration. Thank you Chris http://www.sensualimages.btinternet.co.uk

Hi Carlos. I wish to thanks you for your kind comments and for the invitation to view your beautifull pictures. I am very impressed by your vision and skill as a photographer. It is an inspiration to us all, I am sure! Great Work! Steve - http:\stevecornes.co.uk

Carlos, I received your email and your kind comments in my guestbook at my site (http://home.globalfrontiers.com/veilofgrey). I stopped in to say, "Thank you," as well as enjoy your photographs. My favorite section was the graphic section followed closely by your wandering model section (in the U.S. this sort of thing is coming under the term "Guerilla Photography"). I have learned a great deal about the power of color photography seeing how you use light in the wandering gallery. Thank you and I hope to stop in again and see your site when you add more pictures. -Kevin

Hello Carlos, very good photos in interesting places, especially the wandering bodys are photographed in a great location. It´s a place I like to photograph too!! And the architectural photos of portugal are also done very well. You are invited to look at my hp http://www.bernhard-berres.de where I show my nude photos.

Carlos, very well done, good variations. My personal favourites are the nudes, my own area of appreciation when I am painting. I would have liked there to have been more, maybe in the future. Keep up the good work. To anyone else out there, please feel free to write to me, Robi. England.

Dear Carlos, the idea of the wandering body is great - a photographic series with thread and sense. Such pictures are the mirror of a very talented photographer. Thank You, Carlos, for sharing Your art with the world!

Dear Carlos,the photos of the clouds are wonderfull. I myself like to photograph the Dutch clouds, in all seasons, in black/white. Coming winter I shall send you some exaples. Hendrik Jan.

Carlos, Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing.-Monzella

Carlos, I like your work a LOT! The shots of the Ruins of St. Cucufate Monastery are great! What an amazing place. And the other areas of your gallery are very interesting and exceptional too. Good work! Steven Churchill

Hi Carlos, Very, very nice pics, great work. I have now added your banner to my site - www.photo2be.com Best regards from Sweden Bjorne

8/29/01 Carlos, Thank you for introducing me to your site. Your site is very good, easy to navigate, and the use of black really sets your color photographs alive. I like your book. I find your vision to have a subtle sense of humor and also allows for a real relationship between the subject and the viewer. Your nudes remind me of the master Wynn Bullock in the way he would set a young, beautiful model full of life against a rough, old or dying background to emphasize the elements of time, age, beauty and change. I will add you to my links page on my site! Warm regards! Matthew Donovan Lennert

Top photos in every kind of work and a very good homepage. I will put a link to my site. Just now I'm producing a internetportal for the austrian professional photographers and another for art-photography. When it is launched, I will contact you to present your work there. My e-mail: gerhard@gh-mediadata.net. Best regards - Gerhard Hintringer

Hello Sir, I want to become a photographer like you. can you help me ? Please !

Vey Artistic site, Carlos. Like your body shots, but not so sure if everyone accepts your location for the shoot. (religion) but tastfully done. Your photographs give and have a strong message and a personnell touch, which i like. Nice simply website with easy to get around. Well done. Thank you for your kind comments on my website. keep up the good work. Sean, Ireland.

Carlos,Greetings from Austin Texas,this morining you brought a smile to my face and a feeling of insperation corseing through my imagination.This I had almost lost the memory of .You'r visions are truely expressed and felt in your photography,Thank you for sharing,fellow artist/photographer,Dawn http://www.resurrection-mgmt.com/1Photo_Journal2001.htm

9/3/2001 - Thanks for sharing, Carlos. The Wandering Body section you invited me to view is tastefully done and a satisfying experience.

Carlos, Excellent works, very impressive and inspired. I especially like the graphics section. And thank you for your kind words about my site(ronnies-world.com).

Carlos, I'm Peter - a young fellow from Israel that only started to shut nudes and I have a little expirience with portraits. I loved your website very much, it very interested me as I have never saw such beautiful website, with a lot of wonderful pictures. It gave me a lot of Ideas...

Very nice site and great photos. Keep up the good work.

I think : technic for the sense of photo, and here i feel the sense ... good continuation and keep the greatest values of grey éric

Hi !!! Great pictures ;-))))) i like your wandering photos, beautiful models and location. Thanks Eva

Hola!Yo no se mucho inglés, y no se si tu sabrás castellano,pero quería decirte que me gustan tus fotos y me gustaría ver más trabajos tuyos. Yo estudio fotografia, y me gustaría que me aconsejaras en ciertas situaciones.GRACIAS.

What shall I Say? Hope you'll continue this way.

hallo, wunderschöne hp und fotos,komme bestimmt wieder vorbei.liebe grüsse,jenseits von afrika,mara www.galerie-d-art-margarete.de

Beautiful photographs- I like the wandering bodies the best. Keep up the great work. as always, Queen ------> http://www.queenoftoycameras.com

Tolle Seiten. Habe einen Link darauf gesetzt. Grüße an alle Besucher vom Bodensee. Very fine fotos. I´ll come soon. http://www.fotoclub-tettnang.de

Sincere greetings, welcome and thank you for posting on Parallels Studio and for becoming a member in our community. Your photography is of the highest standard. Kind regards, Deborah

Dear Carlos, a Happy New Year 2002. Admireing your work and your keen eyes. You arw able to express love with your lenses. Your art can join people around the world and your talent creates joy in the soul. Feliz Ano Novo 2002!!! Irmingard Anna http://www.aurumxxl.de

belle foto e belle inquadrature. www.claudiodandrea.com

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I love your work, keep it up. Best Wishes from : www.rene.asmussen.as

dear carlos, your work is outstanding!!!!! greetings from waterbury, connecticut. And from Ludlow Massachusetts, keep up the good work we are very proud of you!!!

very good stuff. wonderful series of portraits. http://quietcity.org/pix/

The human race will always be looking for the best way to express feelings, emotions, unanswered questions. Some of us use music; others, a painter, or a plume, or maybe building.. but this time, I saw in photography something special, something magic. I understood it. Someone helped me to see what art is. Thank you very much, Carlos.

Wonderful and awe-inspiring photos! You capture light and life very well.

what an interesting & well-designed website! truly enjoyed the galleries, and though i liked the nudes, i thought the portraits and landscapes were just as intriguing! well donE! http://fototaker.net

Bondars un Robis ir pasi lielakie joberi pasule

Wonderful photos, you have talent ! I will put a link to my site! Dieter, Germany


I enjoyed your images. Splendid work and well designed. I love the "travel" photos. Keep up the good work. Interested to change banners? http://user.online.be/~olx09829. Kind regards

Love the diversity of your work, there's not to many people that can expand their boundries without compromising quality. If you have time take a look a small selection of my images. thanks Wayne http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/q/qphotography/ http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/w/waynequilliam/

Hello,I like these photos very much.I am a chinese ,I will support you!

just like a angel,work hard ,you'll surprise the world

I revisited your site today (22/5/02) and enjoyed very much the "Graphics" gallery. Pini Vollach http://pinimage.com

Hi,you have very fine site with lovely pictures!! My site is http://www.claudiodandrea.it Bye from Roma (ITALIA)

If perfection does not exist... we allready found it with your work.

the nude photographs are very nice. however, the nude within the photographs seems a little small in relation to the rest of the photograph. they could be entitled the building or scene with nude rather than nude in building. the person should be just a bit larger in the photo. otherwise they are beautiful.

Your photos inspired a trip to Portugal. What a beautiful place it is.

Carlos - the Wandering Body gallery is superb. Such an exquisite blend of beauty and texture. Bravo.

Félicitation, votre site est magnifique, de très belles photographies, et beaucoup d'originalitée, merci....... bonne continuation. berni.g.free.fr (FRANCE)


Very good photos with very rich color saturation. Your compositions are also astounding. Keep up the good work. Avik from India.

Ola Carlos, I tried to bring up nudes, but only found one which was absolutely beautiful (near the tree). I'd like to see more, but I know that the Portuguese girls are the most beautiful, warm, and have so much more class than the trashy pictures found elsewhere. Carlos, keep the pictures nude, but always with the class which Portuguese girls carry. There are no comparisons. Boas Sortes. Don Jose Batista, Florida

I wish my work could be compared with yours. When I saw those pics (who the hell calls those paintings pics??)I felt a little poor myself. Your images are breathtaking Karl from Cyprus

Hey Carlos, great work man! cheers, boogie

Carlos, Great work, I enjoyed your images. Very inspiring photograpy. Best regards, Johan Verplancke.

From Canada, Hello Carlos. Would like to link your site to our free, courtesy site called PHOTO FRIENDS. http://pages.sprint.ca/PHOTOFRIENDS/PHOTOFRIENDS.html

Well Carlos, I finally got to see your site and am happy to say it was a pleasure...!!! Keep up the great work and hopefully when I get back to Europe later this year I will be able to visit with you... So sorry I did not make it last year when I was ove for 6 months but there was much pressing things that needed to be taken care of... Later my friend, daniel... photographer/chiaroscurist. Still based out of Victoria, BC, Kanada... for now...

I live in Hokkaido in the north of Japan. Your photograph feels a transparent feeling of air. The feeling of clear air looks like the town where I live. My town is very cold, and the temperature becomes 20℃ under the freezing point. Even if the temperature is different, a transparent feeling of air is the same.I felt the photograph because I saw. A simple screen composition is the world of a fine art. I like your photograph very much. Hereafter, please take a wonderful photograph.

Wow... I'm impressed! A traveller and a man with great vision. Carlos, I'm 1/4 century old, and it's not to say that you are an old man, but it's incredibly curious how well your artworks describe younger generations - like mine. For this time my vote goes to "Great-grandmother´s birthday" - A great respect to the older.


A most professional, very nice site. I congratulate you. die Impressionen haben mich für einen Moment in Visionen von Schönheit und Zauber entführt. Beatrice Wetzel Switzeland www.visual.li

Carlos, I really loved this site!! I already knew some of your work, and it´s with great happiness I know, now, that I can see your photos here in the internet. Beuatifful. Rui Almeida, Aveiro, Portugal

Carlos, very nice job on Portraits, specially Lady Eve. I wish there was more protraits (my favorites) on this site. I hope you can come photograph Brazil some time, specially Northeast, where you will find some amazing people to portrait...

Die erotischen Photographien des Portugiesen Carlos Pinto Coelho sind alles andere als gewöhnlich. Auf den ersten, oberflächlichen Blick ordnet man sie als Landschaftsstilleben ein, auf die sich nur durch einen Zufall ein weiblicher Körper verirrt hat. So überdurchschnittlich verschieden sind die Relationen zwischen Mensch und Umgebung, daß erst bei genauer Betrachtung die überaus durchdachte Konzeption zu Tage tritt. Klein, leicht und verletzlich wirken seine Modelle und doch alles andere als unbedeutend, denn der Künstler lenkt in seinen mystischen Bildkompositionen den Blick des Betrachters immer wieder auf das abgebildete Individuum. Diese Art der photographischen Reflexion über das Menschsein erfordert den ganzen Mut des innovativen Künstlers, der aus der gewöhnten Bildsprache auszubrechen versucht und sich für neue Formen und Motive aufgeschlossen zeigt.

Hallo Carlos, impressing the wealth of you photography! I look forward to future updates, regards from Switzerland, Alex www.foto.show.de.vu

Diese Art der Fotografien sind wunderschön...ich bin sehr beeindruckt www.model-verena.de

Um Carlos Pinto Coelho que continua acontecer. Parabéns pelas boas iamgens, pelo site (simples e directo) e, acima de tudo pela carreira.

Bonjour lisbonne from Paris. J'aime votre vision. voici mon site. http://mapage.noos.fr/alex-photos/index.htm

Hi Carlos, this is from Arizona. I am just coming from playing volleyball and stumbled upon your site....I love the volleyball picture..and the others too. Thanks.

I am a fellow artisan on this site. Erotic art is my love. Your photos of the figures hiding make me feel open to the erotic concept of a higher enlightenment. I love your works.

Thanks for sharing!

Las mejores fotos que se puedan ver gracias por regalarle a la vista esas exquisiteces!!! sigue adelante Saludos desde New York, U.S.A.

Bravo! Supberbe!,... quoi dire de plus, vos photos sont magnifiques! Et le desing de votre site est très jolie! Félicitions! Chaleureusement Chantal Du site: http://pages.infinit.net/sympho/Bienvenue.html

Hello Carlos, a wonderfull internet photocollection - congratulations! I speically like the "wandering bodies" gallerie - super location, a beautyfull model and perfect lighting. I have been myself in Portugal a couple of times - and the light you have there for outdoor photography is very special e.i. you see it in your excellent "graphics" photos. Thanks for sharing, regards from Switzerland, Luc www.foto.art.ch.vu

Very good photos with very rich color saturation. Your compositions are also astounding. Keep up the good work. Wonderful photos, you have talent ! hayato from japan. http://www.geocities.jp/pampas_g/

Seu olhar é lindo! Toca as pessoas e as fazem vivenciar, mesmo que em parte, aquele momento único que só você viu. É um pouco de você, assim como todos estes e-mails são um pouco de nós. Parabéns!

Hi Carlos, I am always overwellmed by fotographers from Portugal ... as there sense for light and color is exceptional! Your pictures facinate and make one long for more. Regards from Switzerland, Luc www.foto.art.ch.vu

Carlos, you have a very interesting gallery, thank you for your sharing your gift. Anton Sheker, Philippines, www.sheker.com

hi morad,this is from tanger erotic art is my love your photos morocco

A mon tour de visiter ton site. JE dois dire que je suis agréablement surpris et j'aime ton style, celles prises dans les ruines du monastére en particuliers. Elles se rapprochent de ma vision de la femme dans de tels milieu. Bonne continuation http://fotograf.chez.tiscali.fr CHristopHE

Thanks for those pictures, I had a lovely time hear in ur company... Your site is full of heartbeats... isabel http://tynkabel.jepose.com/ Marseille, France


Lovely portfolio! Thank you.

thanks for sharing, my vacation to spain this summer may give me a chance to get across the border and take in some of the portugues sites. thanks again.

Never, ever, stop conceiving photography the way you do, Carlos. It's just amazing!!!

Carlos, Your “wandering Body" series is great. As an amateur photographer, I hope could do some shots inspired by your compositions. Dan Pinto, Philippines

Dear Carlos Pinto Coelho I am all readies that can help you. Would you like to have your gallery to my web site? Do you want to link your web site? Your web site linked already. http://www.koreanphoto.com/zb/zboard.php?id=link1 Wait your reply. Best Regards Kim Dae-Hwan from Korea http://koreanphoto.com ps: So Mail that send to you is returned.=)

Hi, I was just neighborhood and found your site. I wanted to compliment you on your work. I myself do photography and found what you have done is very inspiring. I will be going to iceland soon so hope to have a nice collection of my adventures to add to my site.
Wynne Davies (www.welshlens.co.uk)

thank you for stpping by my site. your works are great!I admired them.I respect you. from JAPAN

Aconteceu cair aqui TAMBEM! Fiquei absorvido com a força das imagens, o grafismo e a qualidade. Como motor do bom exemplo da Cultura em Portugal como o Carlos é, apenas posso prestar aqui a minha homenagem e agradecimento pelo EXCELENTE TRABALHO Os meus sinceros parabens! MARTE JCarvalho

ola Carlos, Nice site. I liked the idea of the wondering body. Inyour album vol 1. there's a pic of the children walkin under some sort of bridge. Nice what did you did with the shadows! greetz

Hello Carlos, I have just been looking at your site, and I think you have done a wonderful job on it! With very beautiful photos. Greetings from The Netherland Guusje. http://guusjessite.nl/index_galleria.htm

Carlos viajei pelos lugares, visitei as pessoas, perdi-me nas cores, nos rostos, na nudez, na beleza, na alma fotográfica de quem com sensibilidade expõe o filme à luz. Um grande beijinho para o fotógrafo. Andreia

Adorei! O ensaio sobre as ruinas de s. cocufate está fantástico. Parabéns! Conseguiu ultrapassar a beleza do lugar que já é enorme:) beijinhos grd e obrigada pela ajuda Sónia Silva 24horas

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